FM Services

We have expertise in offering a wide array of Hard and Soft services as well as specialized services. We strive to protect client assets by managing and executing these services and maintenance operations, in considerations with the client’s bespoke needs.


We work with different sources and attract talents through our flexible recruitment solutions. Outsourcing will help you to get the focus back on your core business and control costs at the same time.


We offer a robust consulting service that assists you in developing and implementing your plans using our knowledge and experience in facilities management, reaching an efficient system of executing your plans and enhance your business operations by taking back control of operations.

Our Services

Hard FM Services

Hard FM Services Maintex protects and maintains clients’ assets


Soft Services

Soft Services Our expertise in Soft Services provides reliable


Integrated FM Service

Integrated FM Service Maintex protects and maintains clients’ assets


Residential Packages

Residential Packages We provides customized services to homeowners through


Why Choose Us

For Excellent Performance We Focus on Critical.

We believe in using innovation and new technologies to drive forth the technical aspirations of our company.

We always search for ways to improve our work and make it more productive and efficient.

Our team consists of experts and well-trained professionals to provide services of the highest quality.

We act strictly within the law and stay on top of workforce regulations to provide safe services for your business.



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